Animal Farm Dialectical Journal

Words: 820
Pages: 4

Part A - Alternative Ending Narrative Assignment

“As we looked outside, they turned from pig to human and human to pig, it was impossible to say which was which” At this Benjamin was furious, “Comrades, I want to say something to you, but we can’t do it here, they might hear. Meet in the forest beyond the windmill.” All the animals followed him, some because they were perplexed, and the rest because they had already heard what he was going to do. “I am wise, I’ve lived a long time, longer than most of you here now, I can’t stand this anymore! I see now the farm is no longer free. I wish to see it once again free, without the humans ruling us.” One of the animals exclaimed, “No, Napoleon and the pigs are ruling us.” “I believe not. Did you not see in the farmhouse? The pigs look the same as humans! We are treated no better than those filthy humans treated us.” “What can we do?” asked one
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“Boxer, Boxer, I thought you were sent to the horse slaughtered, how on earth did you survive!?” “Snowball rescued me. I’ve stuck with him since.” “Snowball, how were you able to free him from being slaughtered?” inquired Benjamin. “Well… ever since I was driven away from the Animal Farm, I’ve been hiding in the forest. I’ve been observing over all of you, witnessing many executions. I perceived so powerless not being able to save my comrades. I began to build up an army, a revolution. I went on a journey, to search for others up to my standards. I’ve searched and searched and have found many herons who I have qualified and taught them in our ways of animalism. That’s when I caught a glimpse of what I thought, Boxer being taken away, I had a feeling Napoleon had been up to no good and had forsaken him. I took this as an opportunity to free him from the vehicle. I rushed up to it, cracked the lock and freed him. I helped him rebuild his dignity, his strength ready to rebel against Napoleon.” “Agreed” shouted