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In this essay the role of boxer, the reasoning as to why napoleon was threatened by him and lastly the betrayal of boxer and why it could be considered an alternate climax is the topic chosen.
The role of boxer on the farm is that he is the hardest working and dedicated animal on the farm. Boxer was hard working on the farm because he wanted to ensure success to the animal farm. Boxer being the hard worker never questioned not working to his best. Also, even if boxer wasn’t as clever as others on Animal Farm he still strived to do the most he could. Boxer nevertheless became a somewhat motivator to the animals. For example in the 3rd chapter boxer is described as being hard worker “he had always been a hard worker even in jones’s time, but now he seemed more like three horses than one”. For even when times got tough his motto became “I will work harder’’. That was his solution to any problem: The idea that hard work would bring the desired result, and if he wasn’t getting the desired result, he would simply work all that harder.
Napoleon felt threated by Boxer mostly due to the fact that the entire animal farm except the pigs and the dogs had great admirations for Boxer. In like manner if boxer ever desired to he could the animals to a revolt against napoleon and the pigs. As well as that reason Boxer’s pure size and strength could be a threat. As told in the first chapter “boxer was an enormous beast, nearly eighteen hands high, and as strong as two ordinary horses put together”. Napoleon also saw him as a threat because he couldn’t have all the power with him being on the farm. Together with