Animal Farm Essay

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English Honors 2
In the book “Animal Farm“, written by George Orwell an ordinary farm is taken over and run by farm animals. Napoleon which is one of the boars in the book and the main character is corrupted by power. Another person that is corrupted by power is Adolf Hitler. These are some of the examples of how these two are similar.
Napoleon did many things while he was in control of the farm. In the beginning of the rebellion against the humans seven commandments were written. The commandments stated that all animals should not sleep on beds, should not kill other animals, wings and four legs are good, two legs are bad, all animals are equal, all animals should go naked and should not drink. Throughout the story he changed and broke all of the seven commandments to his benefit. He killed animals that worked for Snowball who he chased out of the farm so he didn’t have competition in becoming leader. He also drank alcohol, wore clothes, slept in beds but without sheets, made pigs superior and walked on two legs. Finally he associated with humans, which was the worst of all.
Hitler is somebody corrupted by power. After he won the election and became the president of Germany he became a dictator. He broke the treaty that Germany made with the United States which stated that Germany couldn’t build their military after World War 1. He also made an alliance with the Japanese Empire and Italy and started World War 2 by invading some of Europe, Asia, Africa and islands in the Pacific Ocean. Millions of Jews died because they didn’t fit to his standards of blonde hair and blue eyes. He put them in concentration camps and killed them with poison gas in the showers, starving them to death and many other horrific ways.