Animal Farm: Moses' perspective Essay

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Role: Moses
Audience: Other animals

Comrades gather round, gather round. I have an essential message for you all to receive. Up there comrades, up high above those dark thunderous clouds, lies the marvellous land that goes by the name of Sugar Candy Mountain. Comrades It’s simply all one could ever dream of, take you sheep for instance up at the base of the mountain lies enormous green fields, filled with lushes of juicy green grass, sprinkled in clovers and forbs. Yes, that’s right forbs those delicious herbaceous plants that you received several brutal winters ago back in Jones’ time. And you Clover, wouldn’t you just simply adore to have an everlasting amount of sugar cubes? Well at Sugar Candy Mountain if one desires something there are guaranteed their wish to come true! Yes comrades Sugarcandy Mountain is simply spectacular and it’s conveniently located right above you and I.
Ah, I hear a murmur of doubt being passed around, comrades for don’t you see that sugar candy mountain is simply the most marvellous country in the entire world. It’s a place where we poor animals shall rest forever from labours! Our dearly beloved Boxer is actually a resident there right at this very moment; in the week that has just past, I dropped in on one of my higher flights to give my dearest condolences to him about his death. He then enlightened me with some new fascinating information about the new linseed cakes that had just arrived at Sugarcandy Mountain, he then we chatted on for hours upon end about how he just simply adores the linseed cakes and many other intriguing items that can be found at Sugarcandy Mountain.
Our dearest Napoleon and other superior officers, I am most certainly not suggesting that Animal farm isn’t a magnificent farm that is far from it. I am simply presenting an option for the future. But even you pigs have been deprived of some of the rights you most certainly deserve! You are required to sit around it your office all day doing vast amounts of paper work; when you should be outside enjoying the spectacular farm you have produced, but instead you sacrifice yourselves to run the entire farm. I think it should be about time you receive a well-deserved rest, and there isn’t a place sweeter than Sugarcandy Mountain.
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