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Chapter one:
Mr Jones, Leader of farm, drunk so he forgets to shut pop-hole,
Old Major, Lead pig, 12 years, majestic, wise, benevolent appearance, old, has dream so gathers animals,
3 dogs-Bluebell, Jessie, Pincher,
Horses-Boxer, Clover (Boxer-enormous beast, 18 hands Strong as 2 horses, white stripe down nose looks stupid, intelligent, repeated), (Clover-motherly mare, middle life, 4 foals, bad figure)
Muriel-White goat, Benjamin-Donkey, oldest, worst tempered, never laughed, devoted to Boxer,
Mollie-Pretty, white mare, flirtatious,
Speech-Old Major is going to die, unhappiness of animals, no free animals, slavery, humans are enemies, killed when useless, wants a rebellion, animals and humans aren't equal, 4 legs/wings good 2 legs bad, animals can't be like humans, all animals are equal, no killing,
Everyone sings 'beasts of England' 5 times which woke Mr Jones-gun shot,
Chapter two:
3 nights later Old Major died in sleep, Early March,
Leadership to pigs are cleverest,
Napoleon-Doesn't talk much, gets his own way,
Snowball-Vicious, Inventive,
Squealer-Brilliant talker, persuasive, turn black into white,
3 pigs named speech-Animalism,
Moses (Raven) Mr Jone's pet, spy, knows about Sugarcandy mountain where animals go after death, did no work,
Boxer and Clover accepted pigs as leaders, led singing,
Mr Jones was failing, lost money in lawsuit, drinks a lot, lazy, animals were unfed etc,
Cow broke out and fed itself from bins, Mr Jones woke up with 4 men with whips, all animals attacked, a minute later all 5 men ran away and were chased out,
Mrs Jones and Moses ran away too,
Rebellion took place with no planning, Jones expelled, Manor Farm was theirs,
All animals broke free and stopped their human ways,
Destroyed everything, no living in house,
Snowball and Napoleon gathered everyone. Pigs learn how to read and write,
Snowball wrote over 'Manor Farm' and changed it to 'Animal Farm' - best writer,
7 commandments written on wall by Snowball,
3 cows needed to be milked, the pigs milked them, Napoleon sent everyone to harvest telling them not to worry about milk, in the evening the milk had disappeared,
Chapter three:
Pigs never worked, they directed and supervised the others,
Animals managed to look after the farm well,
Boxer's response to everything 'I will work harder'-his motto,
Animals were happy on farm without Mr Jones,
Cat would disappear and make excuses,
Snowball made a flag, Green-Green fields of England, Hoof&horn-Future republic of animals,
Reading and writing lesson success, nearly every animal was literate,
As many animals were struggling to read the 7 commandments it was reduced to 'four legs good, two legs bad'
Every animal learnt this by heart,
Napoleon thought educating younger animals was more important,
Jessie and Bluebell gave birth to 9 puppies and Napoleon took them away to educate them-everyone forgot they exist,
Milk was mixed everyday with pig's mash,
Pigs decided all milk and apples were theirs for health, animals didn't like this,
Squealer brainwashed animals into believing this,
Chapter four:
Half the country knew what had happened on Animal Farm,
Snowball and Napoleon sent pigeons to near farms to tell the rebellion story and to teach them 'beasts of England',
Foxwood Farm- Owner is Mr Pilkington, Pinchfield Farm-Owner is Mr Fredrick, diskliked eachother, scared their farms would rebel too,
All animals across England rebelled in a way, all singing the song, humans hate it,
Jones, all his men, 6 other farms from Foxwood and Pinchfield went to Animal Farm with sticks and guns to get his farm back,
Animals had already prepared, Snowball gave instructions,
They fought humans off in 5 minutes, Boxer hit a Foxwood man in the head,
Boxer didn't want to kill him, he never wants to take a life, starts to tear up, Snowball doesn't care,
The stable- lad recovered and ran off when they went to look for Mollie who was hiding,
They all celebrated, Snowball and Boxer got a medal, battle was named