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A final scenario Orwell embeds is how the Farmer’s intentionally tried to mislead the animals into a different path other then rebellion. This is first because one of the farmers gave Napoleon fake money for the wood they were trading. Thinking that Napoleon was ignorant enough to trust him, Napoleon later found out “ The bank notes were forgeries! Fredrick had got the timber for nothing!” (pg. 101). Seeing the similar opposite of how with ignorance leads to manipulation, Napoleon is not ignorant, leading Napoleon to later win a battle that he started because of this situation. A last example is how the other neighbor hooding farmers intentionally exterminated the animals’ windmill to scare Animal Farm further expansion of their prospering farm. The animals were devastated " Yes, there it lay, the fruits of all their struggles, leveled to its foundation...” (pg. 69) This, though, did not take their hope away because of how Napoleon and Squealer acted so sly and collected, persuaded them to build another one. Referring back, the animals were to stuck and ignorant to not build another windmill. Napoleon and Squealer manipulated them into thinking that building the windmill was sensible and out of the question.
Another clue that Orwell embeds in his novel is how Napoleon deceives the animals for his own benefits. He first gives us the example of how Napoleon stated that the hens needed to contribute their eggs to help with his trade. The hens quickly rebelled, demanding that giving their eggs to the trade was murder “Their method was to fly up to the rafters and there laid their eggs, which smashed to pieces on the floor” (pg. 76). Napoleon was furious and ordered that the hens’ ration of food to be stopped and to anyone that would feed them, would be executed. If the hens’ or any of the farm animals were to have a decent amount of education, they could have rebelled against Napoleons rules. They could have remembered that one of the commandments state that whoever walks on two legs is bad. Seeing in the…