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Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Quote - Lord Acton

Good morning fellow comrades. George Orwell's novel Animal Farm is a satirical piece developed in order to shed light on to the events which led up to the Russian Revolution. Orwell was a man who was opposed to "every form of man's dominance over man". Hence I will now be discussing a quote from the book which illustrated this major concern of his.

Orwell continually displays themes of corruption through the use of pigs in his novel and although Napoleon is considered the main antagonist of the piece an apple does not fall far from the tree. Squealer too is coming and does the dirty work for Napoleon. As the soul propagandist his efforts have become concerned with schemes and lies. From this quote in chapter VIII (8) we are given a key example of this out of his many deeds. Acting at night Orwell has Squealer placed next to "a lantern, a paintbrush and an overturned pot of white paint", the tools with which Squealer replaces the original sentences of the Seven Commandments with. The Seven Commandments which were once an ideology which held a positive look to the future are now selfish contraptions for his own negative gain.

With the changing of the once Seven Commandments, Orwell places a new connotation and meaning on their role. The original text demonstrated core values and beliefs for the animals to live by where they could claim their Utopia. Yet the Seven Commandments are soon made to become a form of disguise, obscuring truth and letting a dystopia run havoc. Hence it is now a form of propaganda a major theme in the novel.

George Orwell also used a class system to his advantage where a large majority of the animals on the farm excluding the pigs and Benjamin are ignorant, hence a reflection of the past and followers during the Russian Revolution. Holding little wit here these animals do not understand the advances made by Napoleon and his party. Thus with the changing of these commandments "none of the animals could form any idea as to what this meant". It is with in this reason they fall prey to Napoleon acting on