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Life Stages of a cat:
1) Kitten: Birth - 6months.
2) Junior: 7months - 2 years.
3) Prime: 3 years – 6 years.
4) Mature: 7 years – 10 years.
5) Senior: 11 years – 14 years.
6) Geriatric: 15 years+.

Food available for each life stage:

Royal Canin Babycat 34 complete food. (Dry)

Hills mature Best kitten food with chicken. (Dry)

Go-Cat Complete Kitten Food with Chicken, Carrots and milk nuggets. (Dry)

Whiskas Kitten Complete food with chicken. (Dry)

Advanced nutrition pouch cat kitten with chicken. (Moist)

Iams pouch kitten food with chicken in gravy. (Moist)

Whiskas Kitten pouch meat in gravy. (Moist)

James wellbeloved cat turkey kitten pouch. (Moist)

Blue wilderness kitten food. (Moist)

Why These Types of Food are Suitable for Kittens:
These types of food are suitable because they contain the extra protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals that a kitten needs to get a good start in life. The extra protein is for growth and development of strong muscles and supporting tissue; fat is essential for fatty acids so the kitten is able to digest and absorb vitamins, and for the additional calories for energy, Minerals are needed for the development of strong teeth and bones.

Adult Cat:
Iams Adult Cat with lamb.

PRO PLAN Adult Cat Dental Protection Plus with Tuna.

Whiskas Adult Cat Dental Protection Plus with Tuna. (Dry)

Gourmet Perle Adult Cat Food Ocean Delicacies.

Seriously Good Cat Pouch Fish Selection. (Moist)

Almo Nature Cat.

Hills Science Plan Sterilised Cat Pouch. (Moist)

Eukanuba Cat Adult. (Dry)

Organix Adult Cat Food with Chicken. (Dry)

TechniCal Life stages Adult Cat 10Kg. (Dry)

NATURAL CHOICE® Adult Cat Food. (Dry)

Friskies Cat Food. (Moist)

Burgess Supacat Adult Cat Food - Rich in Chicken and Duck. (Dry)
Why These Types of Food are Suitable for Adult Cats:
These types of food are suitable because they provide you adult cats(s) with the right amount of proteins, fats and oils, minerals, vitamins and carbohydrates. They need fats and oils to help keep their fur clean and healthy, Protein is needed for growth so they are still growing but stop when they reach their senior age. Minerals are needed to help with growth of teeth and bones. Adult cats need vitamins because the vitamins are essential because they enable the cat(s) to have a normal metabolism. Finally carbohydrates are needed to give the cat(s) more energy.

Why these Types of Food are Suitable for Senior Cats:
As senior cats get older their nutritional requirements change. Senior cats have a lower metabolism and need less energy from their food. Sometimes vets advise owners with senior cats to move their senior cats onto a specially formulated senior cat food In preference to a normal “adult” cat food as they age. Manufactured senior cat foods provide high-quality protein and may also contain low levels of phosphorous which may be beneficial to cats with kidney problems, plus added vitamin e to strengthen their natural defences. Senior cat food also contains fewer calories, which helps maintain a certain body weight as activity levels decrease.
Methods of presenting food and water: When a cat is pregnant you will need to put the food and water next to its bed as it will be resting a lot and won’t be able to walk far without getting tired. The food could be presented in a small metal, ceramic or plastic bowl and the water could be presented in a small ceramic or metal bowl so it doesn’t spill everywhere. A senior cats food and water needs to be near its bed as well, this is because they are similar to pregnant cats and can’t walk far as they will get out of breathe easily as well. A senior cat’s food and water could be presented in a small ceramic or plastic bowl so they are less likely to spill their food and water everywhere. But with adult cat’s you can put their food and water anywhere as long as they know it is their because they are able to walk…