Animal Imagery In Brave New World

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At the end of Brave New World, John the Savage has disconnected himself from the World State and seeks shelter in an abandoned lighthouse. He wanted to find his own truth just as Jon did. Huxley chose to exaggerate John the Savage in an animalistic light as well as the citizens of ‘The World State’ that contributes to our idea of what a civilized place should look like. which numbs the range of emotional experiences down to only pleasure circulating from several vices. The peace doesn’t last once the people of the World State find out how he is living and beating himself for his impure thoughts. Unfortunately, the citizens of ‘The World State’ saw his healing process as a sexual stunt and made his punishment into a touchy-feely movie production for their entertainment.
“Like locusts they came, hung poised, descended all around him on the heather. And from out of the bellies of those
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Their world was so dehumanized that they resemble animals. Even a step further than animals they are ultimately pets of ‘The World State’. Animals are free and untamed. The conditioning and control oppressed on them to strip away their natural instincts makes them unfree and quite leashed. As if the citizens were domesticated for a social experiment. John’s suicide shortly after this scene was his way of giving himself control to choose death over trying to operate within a disharmonious world. John sees the citizens of ‘The World State’ to be animalistic and barbaric while they act this way and to be having sexual relations so recklessly, but the irony is that they see him as an animal for beating himself for having sexual thoughts. This idea demonstrates that all human-like natural characteristics were no longer useful for modern civilization that would validate only things that would not upset the balance of the brave new