Animal Rights Essay

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Animal Rights
Katlin Casey
New Albany High School

There are countless reports of animal abuse. How many times will it take for people to understand that this is not a joke? It is NOT funny to hit an animal, to kill an animal; it isn’t funny to harm any animal in any way shape or form. What gave you any right to hit an animal? In 2007, 64% of reported animal abuse involved dogs, 18% involved cats and 25% involved other animals. In the U.S. about 63% of households claim to own at least one pet, think about how many animals that is that get abused. Not all people who own animals abuse them, but chances are that if there is any kind of abuse going on in the house, the family pet is being abused as well.
In 2012, monkeys were boiled alive for cosmetic testing. Animal abuse doesn’t just mean physical abuse; there are all kinds of abuse such as neglect and intentional. Neglect is “the failure to provide an animal with the most basic requirements of food, water and shelter including veterinary care” whereas intentional abuse is “a person purposely inflicts physical harm or injury on an animal”. Actually hitting an animal or killing an animal isn’t the only type of abuse. Animal abuse goes back years of years. It’s getting out of hand and it’s about time someone does something about it.
If people are killing animals for no apparent reason, testing on animals for makeup and any type of cosmetic apparel, what happens when they run out of animals before it’s too late? What will humans turn to after that? In all honesty, what is the point?
In all my honesty, animal abuse reminds