Animal Rights Essay

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Animals Have Rights Too Research paper
Katina D. Richardson
North Carolina Wesleyan College
JUS 499
Dr. Elizabeth Marsal
February 25, 2014

Did you know the meaning of animal abuse is different from state to state; country to country? The definition of animal abuse or cruelty in the state of South Carolina; “Knowingly inflicting unnecessary pain or suffering on any animal constitutes a misdemeanor (Bergman, 2012).”According to Bergman; the state of Wisconsin definition of animal abuse or cruelty “consists of causing unnecessary and excessive pain or suffering or unjustifiable injury or death to any living creature except a human being (Bergman, 2012).” The definition of animal abuse is cruelty to animals. According to Ascione; the definition of animal abuse “define this behavior: socially unacceptable behavior that intentionally causes unnecessary pain, suffering, or distress to and/or death of an animal (Ascione, 2001.p.1-2).”
Abusing an animal is a potential sign of behavior disorders according to Ascione; “study reinforces the importance of considering animal abuse a significant early warning sign for identifying youth with potential for receiving a conduct disorder (CD) diagnosis (Ascione, 2001.p. 5). ” “Overcrowding highly-stressed animals in filthy conditions invites the spread of disease (Matsuoka, 2013. p.11)” this stress is a sign of animal abuse. Animals diets have to be watch because their “digestive problems, bloating and diarrhea, making them more susceptible to disease (Matsuoka, 2013.p.11).” Not watching animal’s diets is a sign of abuse and neglect on the owner’s part. One should love and respect their pets as themselves.
Try to answer this question; asked by different organizations that defend animal rights; “Is it possible to measure the price that is paid by the animals for the advantages we gain from them (Animal Experiments; 1974. p. 529)? ” The answers can be either yes or no. Some would say no; how anyone can put a price on any life given by God. It is also yes; because animals are priced in stores, farms and in homes daily. Abuses affect animals in ways that may cause them to be “seriously injured or die as a result of the abuse inflicted (e.g., penetration that damages internal organs) (Ascione, 2001.p.8).” According to Rollins; “David Hume pointed out that organisms could have possibly evolved so as to be motivated to flee danger or injury or to eat or drink not by pain, but by ‘‘pangs of pleasure’’ that increase as one feels the relevant need or escapes the harm (Rollin; 2011. 427).” To avoid pain it is natural to develop a good theory.
This statement made by the author Pagani is one to think upon; “it is necessary to distinguish cruel acts caused by fear from cruel acts related to other motivations (Pagani; 2010. p. 268).” Animal abuse seems to be a cruel act for some, but a necessary for survival for the rest. Fear can cause one to act out in ways that are not normal to others; because they do not know fear.
Literature Review
History of animal abuse is a long one that dates back to the c. 50 - 120 CE. This is where Plutarch a Greek philosopher who was vegetarian wrote; “But for the sake of some little mouthful of flesh we deprive a soul of the sun and light, and of that proportion of life and time it had been born into the world to enjoy (Girgen; 2008. p. 41).” He believed that all souls are one. In 1588 an author name Michel de Montaigne had an essay published called Of Cruelties. He was against cruelty to animals. There was a man name Humphrey Primatt in the 1776; who believed in the animal rights movement. He stated “Pain is pain, whether it be inflicted on man or on beast; and the creature that suffers it, whether man or beast, being sensible of the misery of it whilst it lasts, suffers evil (Girgen; 2008. p. 41).”
Did you know the most abuse animal? During research it was mention that the chicken is the most abuse animal. According to PETA;