Animal Rights-Alejandra Trujillo-June 24, 2013 Essay

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Alejandra Trujillo
June 24, 2013

Animal Rights

“Veganism is the practice of minimizing harm to all animals, which requires abstention from animal products, such as meat, fish, dairy, eggs, honey, gelatin, lanolin, wool, fur, silk, suede and leather. Some call veganism a moral baseline for animal rights activists.” (Doris Lin) For many years there has been the debate in regard to animal rights, people often treating them as just pets and seeing them as a toy; not recognizing that they have hearts, feelings, bodies, eyes and minds. Many answers have included that they do not see why an animal should have a right if they do not have the ability to reply to any question or can not express themselves. People are becoming more insensitive with the years, ignoring the right ways to take care of an animal and have failed to respect them. Life is not getting better by doing research, observations or any type of experiments on animals.

In today’s society, animals are suffering more and more. They are being used to find new medicine, clothing and cosmetics or to discover things that have never been welcome to life. People are trying to make peace and be united but do not think that animals occupy a place in this world as well. They feel pain and try to survive like any other individual does. Animals are often fighting for their life and becoming instinct in the process. They spend a day or more trying to find food while fighting with other creatures. They find themselves at night looking for a new place to sleep since humans are often looking for ways of capturing them and not only do they have to always be looking out for themselves they also have to hide and fear human beings. Peace will not be brought to this planet as long as humans do not respect the place an animal has. If a human being enjoys watching animals get killed or enjoys sitting for hours watching animals die on television, what makes society think humans do not enjoy watching people die? As time goes by more and more incidents occur in the world and people are killing, burning, raping, and even eating other human beings.

People should start by giving animals a place of their own. It is known that the everglades, or islands, or jungles are where they are located; but everyday a person has to go and interrupt their daily life. As long as an individual is not corrupting with how an animal is acting in their habitat, animals will not try to destroy where humans live. Most animals attack to protect themselves from danger and when they attack to eat or to get satisfied is because the other types of animals they would eat are instinct. Two different worlds can be created when it comes to animals and humans, why? Because as it was said before, the main excuse, they can not answer or act the same way a human does. So when that is recognized by others the understanding of their lives will become more acknowledged by people. As Doris Lin would say, they have a right to be free of oppression, confinement, use and abuse by humans. (“Basic Tenets of Animal Rights”)

Culture is also involved in why animals should be abused or not, religion rules the world. It impacts the way people act, live, dress and even talk. For that reason, many would think abusing or not giving animals rights is completely normal. It can be very offensive to some to eat dogs, or rats but to others the world would not work if they did not eat such things. Animal abuse it’s leading to destruction and is not giving either the human or the animal any right. As many would think abusing or watching an animal die is normal, it is illegal. Animal cruelty is giving by the world exactly because no right or rule is made or reinforced completely. Just like any other rule or law has been used for many years, the caring and not abusing animals should be too. In one of other Doris Lin article she simply states the most