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Animal testing is a test done by the researchers in the laboratories with animals. Some people believe that it is a cruel and inhumane practice. While others believe animal research is needed to advance, especially in the medical field, also important in improving human health. When locked up they suffer tremendous stress. Extensive research work is going on across the world. The modern era of medicines has reached the pinnacle. Various life-threatening diseases have been successfully eradicated and continuous advancements are made on daily basis. But in this whole process, one thing remains obscured or goes unnoticed, is the plight of the animals that are used for such experimentations. According to modern laws, it is compulsory to maintain the set standards of the introduced product in the market. To meet these guidelines pharmaceutical companies and other cosmetic product manufacturers and similar other health care establishments test these products on animals. There efficacy and safety levels are checked on animals and then inferences are made. Animal bodies are also used in various schools and educational institutions for dissection purposes. Animals mainly, cats, dogs, monkeys, rats, rabbits, and pigs are extensively used in undertaking such experiments. They are exposed to the chemical treatment time and again. (Damron, 123)

The animals that are used for such experimental purposes are euthanized after the completion of the experiment, by the laboratory authorities. It is estimated that roughly 500 million animals die in the process of testing every year, around the world. The regulatory body does state that utmost care and best facilities should be given to the testing animals. Special care should be taken while testing so that the least number or animals are affected by such experimentation process. There are various agencies like PETA and PFA that oppose such kinds of testing experiments on animals. They call it as a cruelty to the mute living beings and ask for effective banning of such acts. (Moore, 88)

However, there is another side of the coin. Several diseases have been effectively eradicated in the present world. This was made possible with the invention of new vaccinations. These vaccines are tested over animals for years, before they are introduced for human consumption. Similarly advancements in organ transplantation from other species to human beings had been possible only due to such experimentations. There are various other beneficiary areas like genetics research, toxicology testing, biomedical research, and behavioral