Animal: Sicily and Mazo Del Vallo Essay

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11311 Somewhere in Sicily Rd
Mazo del Vallo, Sicily 66666
September 24, 2013

Dear, Olaf

Tjenare cousin Olaf. How is being a Viking going? I forget what your Viking group name is, was it the Alpacas? Either way it’s nice to talk to you. I have some very important information for you. If you have received my last letter you will know that my plane crashed on the estranged island of Sicily. I say estranged because of the strange people, and creatures that are on the island. When we crashed a bunch of men with slicked black hair tried to sell us pizza.

I had to refuse their generosity because right then I had realized that my cargo was not in the plane still…. It escaped! Our flight was going to India to send my cargo back to Satan. My cargo was a cat. Not just any ordinary cat, a demon cat. This creature could annihilate the entire world with one sweep of its furry tail. I had to take action and find some form of police to help me find Mr. Squiggles (that’s the demon cats name). Eventually after eating three bowls of pasta I found the police force and we speed to find the demon cat on their fastest mopeds.

We discovered the inferno bound cat on the city of Mazara del Vallo. He was torturing a small innocent little cockroach when we found him. The only way to catch a demon cat is to shoot him with holly water filled cannon ball out of a tank. Before we saved the cockroach we had to find a church ( every church owns a sacred tank ). We walked about thirty- six…