Animal Testing Effects

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Building on the fact that most lab animals that are not protected by law, it is possible for lab animals to receive unfair and inhumane treatments that can cause physical and mental damage. For instance, primates are often a popular choice of animals to be used in a psychological experiments because of its excellent cognitive and emotional abilities. However, the concerning issue is on average 53% of a primate’s life housed alone. (Conlee) Considering primates as part of the mammal family, social companionship is essential. Due to the living condition in a lab, it is common for primates to experience psychological issues. This may lead to self -harm, aggression or abnormal behaviors etc. Thus, animal testing can also cause detrimental effects for lab animals. …show more content…
Furthermore, it is common that animals suffer ,then die in a unnatural way during an experiment. In the United States, about 5 million animals die because of lethal dose tests, LD 50. (Philips) . Lethal dose is used to measure short term poisoning potential of a material and designed to determine what is the amount of substance that would kill 50% of the test population. However, test subjects like rats do not simply pass out after ingesting or inhaling the substance. In reality, they suffer slowly, then die off. The act of inflicting pain on other animals just for research purposes is an act of wrongdoing. Animals have feelings and of course they feel pain. The cause of test animals’ death is not peaceful and they often continue to suffer throughout the whole experiment. The fact that being an experimental subject has already taken away their free-will, and before they die they have to get tortured in such way is heartbreaking. Therefore, animal testing is detrimental to animals because it makes them suffer physically in pain and