Animal Testing Research Paper

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Animal experimentation involves the application of non-human animals in conducting experiments. Nevertheless, some researchers involve pure observation or study of animal’s natural behavior. Animal experiments are extensively used in many places including defense establishments, medical schools, universities, and pharmaceutical industries. In education, this experiment is a component of psychology and biology courses. Globally, it is estimated that a huge number of about 100 million animals are used annually in conducting this experiment. If this is continued, there is a chance that in the next 20 years, the animals will extensively reduce. The topic about animal experiment has led to the emergence of many debates. Some people believe that …show more content…
Rights only arise in human beings who are capable of making or defending moral claims against each other. Thus, in simple terms, rights can only be, given and possessed by human beings. Conversely, it is impossible for animals to possess rights. Therefore, in conducting researches on the animal experiments, there their rights are not, violated because they actually have none (Cohen 204). The people should not infer that all the living things have a right to their life, and thus should all be, allowed to live. The human being should be, treated as a special due to their unique nature, and animal’s life can be, sacrificed for the human purpose. Nevertheless, the human beings are not ethically free to do anything that pleases them to animals. The human beings usually have obligations to animals that do not anyhow arise from the claim based on their rights (Cohen 205). For instance, human beings have an obligation to feed, protect, and ensure veterinary care to their animals. However, this depends on the willingness of human to carry those obligations, but is not, based on the right of animals (Cohen 206). Therefore, according to Cohen, it is right to conduct animal experimentation since no right of animals is,