Essay on Animals and Their Owners

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October 10, 2014 Dr. Puccinelli English 201-052 Exposition Paper Animals and Their Owners Everyone is different when it comes to his or her choice in animals. The unique part is that there are so many different choices, and then more sub-choices in those choices. In fact, people can be categorized by the type of animal that they have. They even look like them sometimes. Animals almost always act just like their owners as well. The most common of categories are the Dog Clan, the crazed Kitty People, the Exotic Mortals, and the Lonely Riffraff. Each category is very distinct and easy to distinguish by its people. Dog Clan are a species of their own. Not only do they like to match the look of their doggies, but they smell like them too. The looks of a dog owner are simple to spot. Laid back, whether it be in lounging around clothes or work clothes, the Dog Clan seem to wear more comfy clothes that are not always in the nicest shape. Then again, with a dog around, it is hard to keep property in tip top shape at all times, and members of the Dog Clan accept that fact. These kinds of people are generally pretty social people. For example, they are the ones who will come up to someone and begin a conversation about a piece of bacon, and in the middle of it, start talking about grass. Like their pets, the Dog Clan tend to like being around other people more often, instead of sitting in a dark corner by themselves. Loyalty is one of the most important traits a person will notice about them. Not to mention that they will follow someone wherever they go. No matter what happens, that is one thing that can always be counted on. Additionally, they tend to be more conscientious and follow rules better than others. Except, of course, when they smell that bacon on the counter. Neither humans nor dogs can resist that. Overall, the Dog Clan seem to have pretty good judgment in animals. On the other hand, those crazed Kitty People probably deserve their own planets. If they received that, they would probably be the most independent and introverted planet that there is out there. People may never hear from them again. Kitty People tend to keep to themselves more than other animal people. For anyone who has ever owned a cat, they know that they do not listen well. This tends to be true about their owners as well. Kitty people are horrible at following directions, are non-conformists, and can be a bit narcissistic at times. They are called crazed for a reason. Kitty People are known to be high strung and have a short fuse. People all know a few of those weird Kitty Ladies who have 50 cats and are shy and anti-social to the extreme. They always act like they have something to hide, and are so mysterious and self-contained. Although Kitty People tend to be a little on the weird, sheltered side, they are very thoughtful people, detail-oriented and creative. As shy and anti-social as crazed Kitty People are, they are quite open-minded and sensitive. They also tend to be more affectionate to their loved ones and more of a homebody. One of those crazy Kitty People can be spotted quite easily. When someone says exotic, so many things could come to mind but different and wild are pretty universal. Exotic Mortals who enjoy pets like snakes, hedgehogs, lizards, sugar gliders and animals of those nature typically tend to be more open to new experiences. Exotic Mortals also take more time to get to know who people really are rather than judging people by what they look like. Exotic Mortals are very agreeable and intellectual. Sometimes, they also seem to be a little more socially awkward than some other…