Animals: Science and Animals Essay

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When you think of animals, you think of open fields and ponds. When scientists think of animals, they think of needles, vaccines, cages, and human well-being. When the whole world sees what scientist’s see, chaos occurs. Animal experimenting is cruel; millions of animals suffer just to find that one perfect eye shadow color, or that one cure for chicken pox. Bunnies, mice, cats, and dogs, have been used in science labs all across the US. “It is accordingly the duty of scientific men to use animal experimentation as an instrument in the promotion of well-being ” (s1). Humans are staying alive, but animals are the reason we are alive.
What would the world do if we couldn’t have this opportunity to use animals for our benefit? Would we all suffer from incurable diseases? Or would we thrive to make ends meet and figure out a way to better our health? Honestly, the world needs animals, to find the cure for cancer, to find the next cure for a new- coming sickness. We don’t need animals for make-up, testing harmful chemicals on them for our desire to be the perfect human is ridiculous. We need animals, but the ones that help us live to our full potential.
When I first learned about animal experimentation, I never thought I would forgive the world for such a crime. After my years and years or research, I have come to see that without it, we wouldn’t have been able to cure as many diseases as we have. Our countries have been able to see that with these animals we can get over anything that comes our way. Some things, like cancer, are still in the process of destroying. The one devastating thing about animal experimenting is the animal’s life. They hope and pray that one-day they could use their minds, and hunt in the forest. These animals will never get to smell the sweet smell of grass, let alone the outside oxygen. They are stuck, under florescent light bulbs, breathing in chemicals that no human will ever have to tolerate. While we sit and do this to them, in an oxygen suit. “We have