Anna Duggar Research Paper

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Anna Duggar is obviously going through a hard time with her husband Josh Duggar away at rehab. Now fans are worried about her after seeing a new picture of Anna that shows her face looking really thin. Enstarz shared that fans are noticing the weight loss and are actually concerned for Anna and wondering what might be going on. She does look amazing, but her face is obviously thinner than usual for the Duggar mom.

Anna Duggar has been keeping a very low profile and hasn't been seen out much. 19 Kids and Counting is no longer filming and so viewers aren't getting the chance to see Anna very often. This rare outing was shared by Amy Duggar King on her Instagram page as she shared a photo of the two together and asked fans not to say anything negative at all about Anna. If anyone did say something negative, Amy deleted it right away so that Anna would never see it at all. All of the comments on the post are about how gorgeous Amy and Anna look together or about the weight loss that Anna has going on right now. Amy has done a good job of keeping the haters off her page.
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She probably has lost weight due to stress. Let's hope she divorces that pig husband real soon." A few others went on about how it was obvious that Anna had lost weight and most people seemed to think that Josh is probably to blame for this one. At this time, Josh Duggar is still in rehab getting help after it was revealed that he cheated on Anna while she was pregnant with their 4th