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Nowadays, the public acceptance of homosexuals is increasing rapidly, which means the number of people in favor of same-sex adoption and gay marriage should also be on the rise. But same-sex adoption issue is being controversial between the societies. In this essay I will discuss the problem, pros and cons of same-sex adoption to show the opinion of those people.

There are many reasons why people support the same sex adoption to be legalized. The pros of same-sex adoption for children, firstly, child adoption by homosexuals better than staying in social welfare organization, it may give them additional inheritance and child-support rights. Same-sex parent’s undertaking the process of adoption of a child fall under the categories of high-quality, high-income groups to be able to financially support the children with beneficial requirements while growing up. However, for societal benefits, discrimination would not occur. The concept of the best interests of the child, has recently become a civilized country to respect the adoption of children, the most important consideration. In addition, there have a series of rigorous assessment to determine same-sex parent is the appropriateness of the child, such as age, maturity, good health, reasonable degree, stable income, no criminal records. And interest of the child on the premise. (Healey, Justin, 2013, p.52)

Although some children are still ‘stuck’ in the orphanage, but not ‘early departure’ as a reason to change or relax the rigor of assessment, will not send their children to an ideal environment for the growth. Some scholars believe that if people really want to protect the interests of the child should be legalized same sex adoption. (Farrah, 2015). Due to the same sex marriage is illegal, therefore the child in same sex family will be discriminated against. In children right, family is “the natural environment for the growth and wellbeing” of children, and should be afforded all necessary protection and assistance. This protect should be used in same sex marriage too. In addition, when a child growing in a secular not identity family, it will melt his childhood felt insulted, insecurity and with a lack of respect. If same sex marriage is legitimized, this can make more people know about same sex marriage and made the children who have relationship with same sex family can live easily.

Nevertheless, there is still many reasons why people oppose the same sex adoption to legalize (Farrah, 2015). For children, it will give them unnatural upbringing, because of growing up in a gay family; they have no chances to select. Firstly, same-sex adoption ensures children to live in a single-parent family. For parents, they can’t provide opposite sex’ role-modeling’, and they may often face discrimination