Anna Nelson's View On Separation And Divorce

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My role in this presentation is a daughter named Anna Nelson who is battling the separation and divorce process between her parents Marian and Jerome Nelson. The separation between Marian and Jerome has been happening since Anna was in sixth grade. Caring about Anna’s health and mentality, Anna’s auntie, Auntie Brenda, takes her in until the separation and divorce process is complete. She does not want Anna to grow up in a negative environment because she believes that the arguing can have an effect on Anna and her education. Almost every other day for the past four years, Anna has heard nothing but arguments between her parents. All that she desires is to be genuinely happy without the problems and controversy between Marion and Jerome. The story ends with Anna and her friends, Danny, Ryan, and Taria, going their separate ways and …show more content…
For Anna, her story ends by living with her mother because herself and Marion have an unbreakable bond and relationship that can not compare to anyone else in her family. Even though she lives with her auntie, she can not tell her about things she is going through in her everyday life because the relationship is not as tight as the one with her mother. Anna no longer has to hear the arguments everyday, she can go home knowing that the house would be peaceful , and can finally sleep at night without crying. Happiness is something that Anna has never experienced, and finally has the opportunity to cherish and take hold to it. In addition, I can relate to Anna’s situation because I have also experienced the battle between my parents’ separation and divorce process. My battle began in sixth grade and is still occuring. I’ve learned to control my emotions and attitude when I’m not at home but behind closed doors, I let out all of my frustration and uncontrollable