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The Role of Relaxation in Hypnotherapy
Prior to beginning the therapeutic nature of the session and embedding suggestions into the individual it is important to ensure that the client is fully relaxed and in a state of stillness. This can be done through the Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) Technique.
In today’s society everything is rather rushed, everyone is always busy and worrying about one thing or another. The stress of life today builds up tension in the body and can cause ill health. Stress can be the cause of heart attacks, migraines and headaches, which can sometimes be the result of a build up of tension in the head. In order to achieve the goals desired during hypnotherapy by the client it is important for the client to first release all tension in their mind and body and to empty their mind of any stress related thoughts so as to heighten their concentration and allow access to their subconscious.
Progressive Muscle Relaxation can be done through a screed, which is more or less a script to help guide the hypnosis session into getting the client into the right state of mind physically and psychologically. A Screed can be altered and adapted to the individual client. This technique can cause a number of different feelings and experiences within the client but varies from one to the next. Some may feel very light and may even feel like they are floating, some may see colours or feel a rush of warmth pass through the body.
The screed will help…