Annabel Lee Figurative Language

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Brady Norrish
Mrs. Harper
22 October 2015
Biography of Edgar Allan Poe Edgar Allan Poe was born on January 19, 1809 in Boston, Massachusetts. He had two siblings, an older brother named William, and a younger sister named Rosalie. His parents, David and Elizabeth Poe, died in 1811 when Poe was 3 years old. Poe was adopted by John and Frances Allen, who raised him as a foster child in Richmond, Virginia. Because John Allan was a successful merchant, Poe grew up in wealthy surroundings as well as being sent off to a prestigious boarding school in England for 5 years.
When Poe was 17, he attended the University of Virginia, where he studied languages. Poe had done very well there, but had claimed that John Allan had not given him enough
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It is a 6 stanza poem with 6-8 lines in each stanza. In this poem there is no particularly strong descriptive language. Roughly 3 to 4 stanzas into the poem, it changes from a sort of romantic tone to a combination of a romantic and macabre tone. The word choice is simple, but presented in a semi-formal way. There is a rhyme in every even-numbered line in the poem. There is no identifiable irony in the poem, but the author uses a lot of figurative language, mainly metaphors. The overall theme of the poem is that true love never dies, even in death.
The title of this poem is To M--. It is a 5 stanza poem with 4 lines in each stanza. There is no particularly strong descriptive language in this poem. It is hard to identify the tone the author uses, but it is sort of a macabre tone. The word choice is complex, and presented in a very formal way. The rhyming in the poem is in an a-b-a-b pattern. There is no identifiable irony in this poem, nor any clear figurative language. It is hard to identify the theme, but it sounds like the poem is describing the appearance of a grave and its surroundings.
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