Essay on Anne Bradstreet

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1. Bradstreet feels worry for the good of her children and their futures. In the poem “In Reference to her children” she expresses her feelings by using the metaphor of her being a bird. She talks about how they leave the nest and go with their new mates but she is still thinking about them everyday and worried about them just as any mother worries about her children when they leave the home
2. Two hardships that Bradstreet went through in her life were getting small pox and suffering through paralysis also she lost her home in a fire. These may have influenced her poem by making her want to make her children lives better and that she tried hard to make their lives better than hers was. The fire and loosing everything in her home probably made Anne want to make sure nothing like that ever happened to her kids and that they always had whatever they needed and her want to show how much she cares through her writing which is what she did best.
3. “My heart is as warm as the sun I watched you grow up in”
This could be inserted in her poem because she loved her children very much and it’s comparing her heart and how warm it is with her love to the heat of the sun.
4. Using the poem, answer the following questions.
a. How many children does Bradstreet have? 8
b. How many are girls? 4
c. How many are boys? 4
d. What did the first child do when he grew up? When her first child grew up he moved away from home very far away
e. Where are the last three children? Her last…