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Zachary Avera
Lesson 1.07

Identify and explain an emotion that Bradstreet expresses in her poem that any mother might have.

(Answer)Any other mother would have felt the stress she did for her kids.

Read Bradstreet's biography[->0]. List two hardships she endured throughout her life. Then, in at least two sentences, explain how these hardships might have influenced her poem "In Reference to Her Children."

(Answer) Anne had to go through the process of immigration to the United States and her becoming victim to small pox making her joints stiff possibly inspiring her writing.

Figurative language is an important element in poetry. Taking tone and style into consideration provide a simile that could be inserted in Bradstreet's poem and briefly explain your comparison.

Using the poem, answer the following questions.

How many children does Bradstreet have? (Eight)

How many are girls? (Five)

How many are boys? (Three)

What did the first child do when he grew up? (Fly to regions far)

Where are the last three children? (In the nest fully developing).

What comfort is Bradstreet giving to her children by saying: "In chirping languages oft them tell You had a Dame that lov'd you well, That did what could be done for young And nurst you up till you were strong"

(She wont leave them until she knows that they are strong enough to survive on there own).

Part 2: Extended Response

Choose one of the two prompts below