Anne Elliot's Identity In Persuasion By Jane Austen

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The protagonist of Jane Austen's Persuasion has lost her identity. Generally, the main character of a novel has a major presence and is acknowledged by other characters directly. In this novel, however, Anne Elliot is ignored, disregarded, and forgotten. As the story progresses Anne begins to obtain recognition from the other characters and becomes the focus of the story. She earns the title of main character. The reader sees her character progress as she gains confidence in her opinion, regains her physical beauty, and accepts her emotions. Anne Elliot's words are dulled and pushed to the side. At the beginning of the novel she has no influence and is the one often persuaded. Her family views her as a,“Nobody- [whose], word had no weight; her convenience was always to give way;-she was only Anne” (Austen 11). Anne's voice is muted and her views are suppressed. When she comes away from her family and is surrounded by friends her voice becomes active. “It is through friends that Anne achieves …show more content…
Once in Lyme, and with Wentworth, her beauty begins to return. “The more they meet the more their attitude towards each other changes, which has effects on Anne’s outward appearance,” (Muller). Anne loves Wentworth and the more they are together the more beautiful she becomes. Anne begins to regain her bloom half way through the novel, when she visits Lyme. As she spends time with Wentowrth in lime she begins to look, “remarkably well; her very regular, very pretty features, having the bloom and freshness of youth restored,” (Austen 87). Anne's physical change does not go unnoticed. “In Bath Anne’s beauty is constantly remarked upon. Lady Russell rejoices in seeing Anne so good-looking and even Sir Walter is pleased by the change,” (Muller). It is evident that Anne has made a drastic notable change in appearance. Wentworth remarks on how in his eyes Anne could never alter, (Austen