Anne Frank Identity Analysis

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Different aspects of Anne Frank’s identity are visible throughout different parts of the play. Independence is one trait that was prominent from Anne’s personality. Not to mention, as her and her mother’s relationship progress various components of her identity was being revealed. Lastly, the external and internal forces she dealt with had help carve her character. Therefore, Anne’s identity was either being divulged to us or being altered in the play.
One part of Anne’s identity that was shown was her ambition to be independent. Anne demonstrated this when she had said, “I’ve got to fight things out for myself! Make something of myself,”. This present Anne desire to be independent because she explained how it’s up to her to experience the rollercoaster of life not based on
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When she has argued with her mother about being dignified, this shows us that Anne is still a child who is immature. Anne is immature because she always contemplating on why her mother treat her like a child, but not realizing she’s is acting childish. Secondly, Anne’s rebellious side of her identity came out when she mocked her mom by, “Margot! Margot! Margot! That’s all I hear from everyone… how wonderful Margot is… Why aren’t you like Margot?” This was rebellious because Anne is revolting against people and her mother who are insisting that she be more like Margot. Thirdly, when she babbled out, “Every night I think back over all of the things I did that day that were wrong… like putting the wet mop in Mr. Dussel ‘s bed.. and this thing with mother. I say to myself, that is wrong. I make up my mind, I’m never doing that again.”. This shows us Anne’s sweet and caring side because she feels terrible about the problems she caused and wishes she hadn’t done them. Overall, her identity includes her having an immature and rebellious side, but yet a sweet, caring