Anne Frank In John Steinbeck's The Diary Of Anne Frank

Words: 685
Pages: 3

Did you know that Anne Frank and her family were hiding for two years? The Frank’s were German Jews in the 1940s. On July 6, 1942, Anne Frank, Margot Frank, Mr. Frank, and Mrs. Frank went into hiding. Soon after the Van Daan’s and Mr Dussel joined them in the “Secret Annex”. The “Secret Annex” was a small attic apartment above Mr. Frank’s herbs and spices business. In The Diary of Anne Frank through the methods of characterization we see that Anne is optimistic, Mr. Frank is caring, and Mr. Van Daan is selfish. First, we see that Anne Frank is optimistic through the methods of charicteriation. For example, on page 461, is shows that Anne is optimistic when she says “The days aren't so bad. At least we know that Miep and Mr. Kraler are down there below us in the office.” Anne’s statement shows that she is optimistic because even though they are hiding she can look on the bright side of things. Next, on page 478, Anne shows she is optimistic when she says “Wonderful news! The Aliens have landed in Africa.” Her words show that she is optimistic because she is so young and is excited by something that most girls her age wouldn’t be excited about. Lastly, on page 472 Anne says “ You know we’re going to forget how to dance...when we get out, we won’t remember a thing.” Anne’s statement shows she is optimistic because …show more content…
Van Daan is selfish through his actions because he stole food in the middle of the night from the children. Mr. Van Daan was being selfish when he stole food because in the middle of the night he was caught stealing food and then he blamed it on the rats, he couldn’t even own up to his actions. Lastly, we see that Mr, Van Daan is selfish on page 465 when he said “One package . Miep only brought me one package [of cigarettes].” Mr. Van Daan’s statement shows that he is selfish because he is not even grateful that Miep could only get one package of cigarettes. Through the methods of characterization we see that Mr. Van Daan is