Anne Frank Movie Vs Book Essay

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The story of Anne Frank, has a feeling of sadness, it makes you very anxious. Anne and seven other people; Peter, Mr & Mrs. Van Daan, Margot, Mr & Mrs. Frank, Mr.Dussel, have to go into hiding at the secret annex, during a very horrible and dreadful time period. Anne and the others are hiding so they don’t have to go into a concentration camp, eventually they get caught by the Nazis Many things from the movie and book about Anne and the others were similar. One thing that was similar was, they both took place in the secret annex. The secret annex was placed in the upstairs attic area where her father, Mr. Frank, use to work. It was a very small area and the eight of them were very cramped. In the secret annex, Anne and Dussel shared a room for the time being. Peter Van Daan, was a special man, he got his own room there. Mrs & Mr. Frank shared a room, and in a separate room Mr and Mrs. Van Daan shared a room. Another eventful thing that happened while the two years living there is Peter and …show more content…
One difference in the two were, Anne didn’t spill anything on Mrs.Van Daan’s coat in the movie. In the book Anne spilt milk on Mrs.Van Daan’s coat and created a big commotion. The big commotion caused an argument in between the two families. Another contrast in between the two is Anne didn’t have a nightmare in the movie, but in the book she did. In the book Anne had such a bad nightmare about the Green Police that she ran into her parents room and was balling her eyes out and woke everyone in the annex up. One last difference between the two is Mr.Van Daan didn’t steal food in the movie but he did in the book. In the book Mr. Van Daan had snuck out of his room in the middle of the night and had snuck and got more food in the kitchen because he was hungry. Everyone in the book got mad that Mr. Van Daan had done this because everyone else was just as hungry as him and he got more food than