Anne Frank Relationship Essay

Words: 1885
Pages: 8

(Hook) World War II was a dark period in the history of the world, where about six million Jews were killed in Nazi concentration camps. (Bridge) A few of those individuals were Anne Frank and her family. (FS1) Anne Frank and her family were Jews, living in a time period where it was illegal to be of that ethnicity and religion. (FS2) On July 6, 1942 the Frank family was forced to go into hiding to avoid being sent to a concentration camp. (FS3) At the Annex where they were hiding, Anne and her family were facing new struggles everyday, such as arguments and dislike. (Thesis) In The Diary of Anne Frank, author Anne Frank reveals to the reader that (I) all people are fallible, (II) maturity is more than a physical change, and (III) all humans …show more content…
A mother and daughter are expected to always get along, and a daughter is expected to always respect her mother. Anne Frank and her mother, Edith, have a very complicated relationship. At times, Anne and her mother do not have the expected relationship, and their reality is that Anne sometimes disrespects and does not get along with her mother. Anne acknowledges their relationship when she says, “I simply can’t stand Mother, and I have to force myself not to snap at her all the time and to stay calm when I’d rather slap her across the face. I don’t know why I’ve taken such a terrible dislike to her” (Frank 51). (m2MB) Anne realizes that she needs to stay calm and respect her mother, but she has great difficulty in doing so. Anne acknowledges that she and her mother do not have the expected mother-daughter relationship. In some cases, mothers and daughters do not have the ideal, loving relationship. Instead, they may dislike each other and fight. No relationship is perfect. (Rewording of MB) Even though human beings were created in the image of God, they still have imperfections and things they would like to change about themselves.