Anne Frank: The Diary Of A Young Girl

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Courage In Wartime
Standing up for what one believes in during a time of conflict can often be difficult, but it is imperative to do so. Although many people find it difficult to be courageous, especially when conflict arises, standing up for oneself has many positive effects. Both “Anne Frank: The Diary of A Young Girl” by Anne Frank and “Hitler Youth: Growing Up In Hitler’s Shadow” by Susan Campbell Bartolini depict examples of people who were able to rise up against their oppressors, and fight back. The best response to conflict is to stand up for one’s beliefs and be courageous.
Every act of courage during wartime is extremely important, no matter the size. Some people may argue that a small act of courage does not mean much. However,
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To illustrate my point, Anne Frank managed to stay true to who she was throughout enduring the horrors of the holocaust. In her diary, Anne states, “Only now do I realize how pleasant a streetcar is, but we Jews are no longer allowed to make use of this luxury; our own two feet are good enough for us” (Frank 372). Anne found the silver linings in every cloud that came her way during the duration of her life, and that did not change while she was in the annex. Anne was a positive person and she endured a long personal battle against the Nazis; staying positive and true to herself, which was a battle that she definitely won. Another example from “Anne Frank: The Diary Of a Young Girl” is, “But as you can see, Kitty, I’m still alive, and that’s the main thing, Father says. I’m alive all right, but don’t ask me where or how”(Frank 373). Here, Frank admitted that even though she was terrified about the war, she was able to stay positive and continued to do what she needed to do in order to survive. Another person who stayed true to who they were during the holocaust was Georg Ferdinand Duckwitz. To further explain, “Risking his career, Duckwitz made a secret visit to neutral Sweden, where he convinced Prime Minister Per Albin Hansson to allow Danish Jewish refugees to escape to Sweden. He then went to Denmark and notified Danish politician Hans Hedtoft about the deportation. Hedtoft warned senior rabbis in the country, and in the following two months, over 6,000 Jews were ferried secretly to Sweden in boats”(People who saved Jews). Duckwitz was aware that he was risking everything that he had in order to save these Jewish people, yet he marched through and completed his task. He did not care that he was risking his life, all he cared about was saving those individual’s lives. So, he stayed true to himself and was able to find the courage to save