Anne Frank: Why People Are Good At Heart

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At such a young age Anne Frank was changing many outlooks on the horrible war of World War Two. Anne stated, "In spite of everything, I still believe people are good at heart." Therefore, by Anne stating that it shows that Anne Frank was truly a good person. Not only that it showed that she had a positive mind and attitude about the war. Last but not least, she was very caring for everyone in the household. At this point in life, Hitler was making a devastating choice. At the time the Jewish people had suffered unfairly. Adolf Hitler is taking millions of lives of innocent Jewish people deliberately. With all the Jews being killed, Anne Frank and her family are incorporated. Germany was scaring and jeopardizing all life, being Jewish or not. As time started to pass everything started to deteriorate.

With Anne, Frank stating that quote it revealed many things about her. It showed how generous of a person she was. She had wrote down in her diary, "I wish I could ask god for another personality. One that doesn't antagonize everyone." Alongside of her saying that, it shows that she cares how people feel about her. Even if it meant changing herself, she was willing to do it for
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The quote showed that Anne was positive. She had a positive attitude, a positive outlook on the war, and was still positive with all the dreadful moments that had been going around. Just think about it, being in hiding for two years just for you and your family being Jewish. You were looked at as social outcasts. Throughout it all, Anne Frank stayed positive. Anne stated, "We're so selfish that we talk about after the war and look forward to new clothes and shoes." It seemed she was being selfish however she wasn't. Anne didn't hesitate to think that she wouldn't make it to the end of the war. She simply thought about how life would've different after the war. Additionally she thought of the future, and all of the things she wanted and not