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Picture this, you’re an 11 year old girl hiding for your dear life, you can’t talk at certain times, eat at certain times and live in abysmal terror of being found and killed. Today ladies and gents I am going to be talking to you about 3 main topics: * How Anne frank’s capture was almost liberation * The liberation of Paris * And finally Ohrdruf concentration camp
For those who don’t know who Anne frank is ill give a brief description followed by what liberation meant to Anne and her family. Anne frank is said to be the most spoken about Jew apart from Jesus of course, you see Anne frank wrote a journal of her time hiding in her father office during the Nazi regime. Her and her family were in hiding for over 2 years and were betrayed by a friend and sent to a concentration camp called Bergen-Belsen and killed.

This is the last known sitting of Anne and her family. So why was being killed in a concentration camp liberation for her and her family? Every day for Anne and her family was psychological imprisonment, not knowing when they can come out or when this will be over. Imagine you’re going to die tomorrow, how would you feel? Whatever emotions your feeling you have picture trying to supress them to stay alive.
I’m now going to talk about the liberation of Paris. The liberation of Paris also known as the battle of Paris took place during WW2 and lasted 6 days. Despite Hitler’s orders to maintain the French capital, the commander of the German troops von Choltitz surrendered on August 25th. He was held prisoner for 3 years, whilst held captive he wote:

“For the first time I had disobeyed Hitler and personally allowed the Allies to take the city safely and rapidly, preventing the French Resistance from engaging in urban warfare that would have destroyed parts of the city. I knew the war was lost and decided alone to save the capital”. It later interviews some German troops saw this as treason.
So now I guess you’re asking yourself what does this event have to do with liberation from concentration camps? The answer to