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Anne Hutchinson In “Anne Hutchinson versus Massachusetts” by Wellington Newcomb (American Heritage, June 1974, 13 pages) and “The Massachusetts Bay Colony Case Against Anne Hutchinson” by Thomas Hutchinson (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1936, 19 pages), both articles talk about the Massachusetts case of Puritan woman Anne Hutchinson, but the case is presented differently in each article. “The Massachusetts Bay Colony Case Against Anne Hutchinson” is a primary source since it is the court transcript and only contains the dialogue, but “Anne Hutchinson versus Massachusetts” is a secondary source and in this article, the author analyzes the case against Anne. In Newcomb’s article, he gives a detailed description of the case including the mistakes Anne made that lead to her exile. Anne Hutchinson was on trial for troubling the peace of the church and commonwealth by having exposed a major flaw in the Puritan Doctrine, holding meetings in which she preached a covenant of grace, and giving people the knowledge of their salvation. The Puritans followed the Calvinist doctrine, which stated that salvation of God was predestined, thus the church would preach a covenant of grace. To be accepted into the church, ministers would follow an applicant around and examine his behavior. If the applicant was saved, he would exhibit behavior that suggested a state of grace and be accepted into the church. Anne Hutchinson proclaimed that using this method of good behavior as evidence that a person was saved was not preaching a covenant of grace and accused the clergy of preaching a covenant of work. Along with accusing ministers of preaching a covenant of works, Anne accused the ministers of being inadequate to preach a covenant of grace. Anne believed the only minister who could preach a covenant of grace was Reverend John Cotton. Cotton was the only minister Anne trusted to deliver the scripture without devaluing it. Hutchinson also said the ministers could not