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Analyzing Anne Moody and Core In the document Coming of Age in Mississippi the narrator Ann Moody, discusses her involvement in the Civil Rights Movement happening in Mississippi. The main focus of the article is on the difficulty the volunteers had to experience to get progress happening in Mississippi. The purpose of this article was to show the readers how mentally and physically challenging it was to make change during this time period, but also the dedication the people possessed to make their movement successful. The first piece of evidence that shows that the volunteers went through such hardships was at the beginning of the article when the volunteers were handing out clothes to the needy. There was a huge gathering of people standing outside of CORE waiting to get clothes and the volunteers handed out clothes until after five in the afternoon. This would be very tiring for any individual. Mrs. Chinn brought up how she had run out of 3 days ago. Not only did it make Mrs. Chinn depressed she had brought up her financial situation, but also it made Ann depressed because of the hardships some of the volunteers had to go through just to help people in the community. Also it made the volunteers frustrated how the people would come to get clothes, but wouldn’t try to register to vote. Another example of the hardships that the workers went through was the sudden change in Doris. Before Doris went to Natchez she wasn’t as paranoid, but when she came back she was a whole different person. Moody stated that Doris would all of a sudden jump in broad daylight. She also started to sleep with Moody with a rifle propped up in the corner of the room. When Moody and Doris were at the county fair, a cop was following them. While on a ride, they saw the cop talking to the ride operator. Moody was terrified, but didn’t show it. Doris on the other started to screaming and pleading for her life. She still stayed dedicated to the movement. The last example that shows the volunteers went through a lot of hardships were the problems Moody went through. Moody would constantly receive