Anne Moody's Coming Of Age In Mississippi Autobiography

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In this paper, I will analysis and discuss of Anne Moody, Coming of Age in Mississippi autobiography and African American in the South during the 1940s and 1950s living situation. In addition, I will discuss of Anne Moody’s and her mother different reaction to race discrimination and the civil rights movement. Moreover, I will briefly describe the autobiography of Anne Moody, Coming of Age in Mississippi. Further I will discuss of the different African American reactions to race discrimination and civil rights. Furthermore, I will discuss of the movement affect on African American in the South. Lastly, I will conclude the overall analysis of Anne Moody's autobiography.
Firstly, the reading of Coming of Age in Mississippi written by Anne Moody,
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Many African Americans lived in poverty struggling with a hand-to-mouth existence. In addition, to gain a bit income African Americans bounded to work under the whites as they understood they were disliked for being black. In reality Moody lived the poverty life as majority African Americans in the rural South. In spite of Moody excellence in schooling she continued to suffer poverty and struggle to racial segregated the civil rights movement. Aside from living in poverty and with a small percentage of Southern wealthy African Americans, all African Americans were treated all the same by being separated from the whites and categorized in section known as ‘people of color’. Lastly, it follows that Moody’s mother continued to remain quiet of racial discrimination and wished Moody not be involved in the movement. Both different reactions set an example of two different reaction groups of African Americans that affected the movement as a whole. All in all, Moody no longer had to wonder if African American shall overcome. All citizens of United States of America now have equal civil