Anne Of Green Gables Essay

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Anne of Green Gables:
What insights does the author offer into their chosen historical period that you think could not be conveyed as effectively in a work of non-fiction.
This classic 1908 children's novel by L.M. Montgomery remains a perennial favourite thanks to its memorable heroine: irrepressible red-headed orphan Anne Shirley. It is set in the time period of the 1870s and the book gives insights on how life was back then, imaginative and petite the story is conveyed in Anne Shirley’s little and creative mind.
Anne's adventures are full of amusement (and occasionally mildly dangerous). Who couldn’t love this freckled-faced, red-headed, precocious girl whose zest for life is manifested in sensitive and romantic overtures? Anne melts even the coldest hearts and manages to endear herself to every quaint character she meets in Avonlea. Anne of Green Gables charms the hidden romantic out of all her acquaintances and especially her readers. No one is immune to her charisma, and this is all thanks to the great Montgomery’s delightful writing style which introduces young readers to poetical phrases and lush description of landscape that is made light by the comical escapades of a charming heroine. We as readers learn a lot from the book such as friendship, hardship, love and wit. If the story was being conveyed through textbooks and historical fiction it doesn’t really capture the warmth that Anne provides in a fictional book. The book is something creative and imaginative, and if taken away and replaced by a more solid version of the story, it not only makes the story boring and uninteresting it also make the mantra and storyline of the book fade