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with Gregory Sautov
On the Cultures of Russia & America

AnneMarie Rivera
June 15, 2015
Erin von Buseck

Personal Background
• Gregory Sautov has lived in Russia & the USA
• He is currently studying International Business

Cultural Facts …
• Orthodox is the main religion
• State funded
• Has the opportunity to repress other religions
• Difficult to get a church building due to process and government – no building, no church
• Primary Component of family life

• Strict school system

• When teacher walks in room, students stand up
• Cannot speak/answer unless raise hand and is selected Experiences Adapting to a New
Culture …
• Style of education is different
• Student/teacher interaction
• Students in US respect their teachers, but there is a more liberal and relaxed environment

• Will help with his degree/future endeavors

Learning American culture and combining with his Russian culture gives him in advantage with International Business degree and any business endeavors he engages in

• Learned new language

• Living in the US, was provided the opportunity to learn
English and understand culture

Cultural Comparison …
• Interpersonal Communication/Interaction
• Everyone respected individually in US
• Socialist mentality in Russia – society chooses what is interesting and what is right and wrong

• Freedom of Religion

• In the US, we have the freedom to be apart of whatever religion we believe in
• In Russia, orthodoxy is the main religion, all others not as welcome
• Difficult to get new church building for different religion References
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