Annette: Early Childhood Essay

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Competency Goal VI

To maintain a commitment to professionalism.

Functional Area 13: Professionalism
• To maintain professional work habits in early childhood. • To continuously update my knowledge in early childhood. • To build a great relationship with the parents.


As an early childhood professional, I’m always open for new ideas and suggestions because I know we all have our differences when raising children. I ensure that all information that is handed or told to me remain confidential. My personal problems will never affect my business. What I conduct at home stay at home. My focus at work is on the children and they will always hold my focus. Children always comfortable around me I never give them a reason to feel uncomfortable. I love children and want nothing but the best for them. When your child leaves my class he/she will have the proper knowledge to move forward with their education. As a professional, I enhance behaviorist, social skills, cognitive, and constructivist learning. Also, I build family and community relationships. I attend regularly classes for more knowledge and attend seminars on early childhood. The Child Development Associate classes I’m taking now provide me with the proper knowledge I need about early childhood education. I plan to further my education at UDC for my Associates in education once I’m done with my CDA training. I make sure I stay committed