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Civilization In My Computer In Susan Willis’s essay Disney world: Public Use / Private State, Willis views Disney world as a country, or state simply open for public use and amusement. Willis goes into detail how Disney world set up an illusion of spontaneity when really the environment of the amusement park is very controlled in itself. Willis uses the pathways as an example of how the park uses it to control the masses, the pathways seem to be very spontaneous in the way they weave and wiggle throughout the park but as Scott Bukatman professor of film and media studies at Stanford University points out in his book There’s always tomorrow land: Disneyland and the hyper cinematic experience, there were no established walkways laid down for opening day at Disneyland. Disney created this illusion that you are controlling where you walk and where your destination will be when actually the Disney parks design team used there own customers to create a route that the masses are most comfortable with. As many computer programs, and social media sites do them selves they use their very own customers to learn the habits of their users everyday activity on their site/program. Programmers do this so that they can make the game plan, or the flow of their site more compatible and easy flowing for their users. In our everyday life we use technology that has been molded and created to make our lives easier, while at the same time giving the “creator” a better understanding of who their creating their product for. Everyday most people use social media in their routines and nowadays its kind of hard not to when our world is a world online. Since the introduction of the Internet computers have blown up immensely and have completely taken our generation by storm. We have grown up with them, and the computers have