Annie Hathaway Analysis

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The Solemn Quest
Annie Hathaway is a young woman that had marked her 20th Birthday in her Hometown of Dodge City, New York. She has seen the evolution of the Train and other commercial developments but she knew there was more. Her Parents treated her with love and care but her desire was to get a life that would make them proud. In June 1872, she sees a request from a Man in Wyoming who needs a Bride.
- Young Lady with the ability to Cook and care for kids wanted.
They exchange mails and sketches of their image for a period of 6 months. Annie is skeptical about moving West because of the Horror story one of her friends shared with her. Her desire to look at the other options that may come her way takes a turn when her Father falls ill. The finances are not coming as it should and the only light that shone at the tunnel was her marriage to David Wright.
Their correspondence had revealed he had 4 kids from his previous marriage. His Wife was dead and he wanted to start on a clean slate. David had formed a group that
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He accepts the offer and gives the City of Wyoming great pathways to development.

Annie Hathaway – She is a young girl who just clocked 20 but is full of ideas. She is a Mail Order Bride who marries a Lawyer that has passion for the Arts. Her ambition is cruel but she experiences a change of heart through a chance encounter on the Train. She becomes a major part of the success of her Husband and a loving Mother to his Kids.
David Wright – A Widower with 4 Kids who begins a new life with Annie. He manages to juggle his responsibilities with his passion for the Arts. He is quick to make a U-turn when the positive influence of Annie comes into his life. He drops his shady representation of Men who had no honor. He experiences the joy of coming clean and living a life of love. He becomes Mayor and reaches for successes that were beyond him.