Annie: High School Musical and Ridgewood High School Essay

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I went to go see my friend perform in a musical called Annie and it played in Ridgewood High School in the middle of November. Me and a group of my friends went to go support our friend who played the character from the play named Rooster. I believe he did a fantastic job! Annie is a musical about a young red haired orphan girl who was treated very badly by her orphanage matron. Annie after little consideration decides to run away from the orphanage and go on the search to find her parents. Once she does manage to run away from the orphanage she is sadly caught and sent back. Her luck is turned upside down after that after she gets invited to stay with a billionaire named Oliver Warbucks. Once she starts living there she very quickly charms everyones hearts. The billionaire who is thought to have a cold heart also begins to fall for Annie and he cannot help but to love her. Due to him falling in love with the charming and sweet little girl he decides to help her out. He decides to help Annie find her parents who she wanted to find herself. For the people that could prove their identity and prove they were Annies real parents they would get a giant cash reward. After hearing this, Miss Hannigan, who was Annies orphanage matron, Miss Hannigan's evil brother Rooster, and his girlfriend Lily wanted the reward. They pretended to be Annies rela family by using the information Miss Hannigan knew about Annie. Although this happens the musical has a happy ending all in all. Although they find out that Annies real parents are actually dead, the Warbucks do invite little Annie into their own home. Even the bad guys get arrested for trying to impersonate Annies family.
Although i thought the musical was going to be boring, since it was a musical, I…