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Annotated Bibliography Stephanie Chism HCS/465 Febuary 08, 2015

Medication Error (2000). Medication error prevention by pharmacists - Retrieved from ProQuest Nursing & Allied Health Source pg. 21

The purpose of this article is to describe many medication errors and how to prevent pharmacist from making the errors. The article documented five years of medication error prevention results, summarizing adherence to the Alberta Cancer Board's medication error prevention policies. For five years, a medication error prevention documentation was faxed to the pharmacy department at each of the cancer centers of the Alberta Cancer Board. Results of the survey were looked by the pharmacist responsible for quality assurance.
Cusano, Frances L; Chambers, Carole R; Summach, D Lee. Journal of Oncology Pharmacy Practice 15.2 (Jun 2009): 87-93.

The Alberta Cancer Board is consisted of many cancer centers in Alberta, Canada. The Cancer center prevention committee developed a medication error prevention survey on preventing medication error policies. Every year this is sent to the pharmacy departments of all the cancer centers.

Medication errors: Don’t let them happen to you (2010) Retrieved from This article is about a critical care nurse who tries to catch up with her morning medications and didn’t read the patient chart or note that is intubated and medication requires not to be crushed, instead she crushed the patient medication and administered it into his nasogastric and the patient end up dying. All because of health care providers not reading the medication administration record. Medication administration is a complex multistep process that encompasses prescribing, transcribing, dispensing, and administering drugs and monitoring patient response.

Attitudes to reporting medication error among differing healthcare professionals
Sarvadikar, Ajit; Prescott, Gordon; Williams, David.