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College Level Example of an Annotated Bibliography

Stephanie Van Buskirk, Yahoo! Contributor Network
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Site Administrator, . (2010, July 13). Health and wellness programs. Retrieved from
This site is excellent for providing a general overview of each of the health and wellness programs provided around the world. The site provides information for; employment health and wellness programs, personal health and wellness programs, privately funded health and wellness programs and general government-funded health and wellness programs.
Kun, Luis. (2001). Telehealth and the global health network in the 21st century. From homecare to public health informatics, 64(3), 155-167.
This article is very informative in discussing the many healthcare services that are provided around the world; from government-funded health insurance to medical assistance programs. The article provides several examples and methods to obtain these helpful services for people with all sorts of medical situations.
Green and Kreuter, L and M. (1990). Health promotion as a public health strategy [Vol. 11, pp.319-334].
This article promotes different means for health and wellness education as well as promoting public health. It outlines health related behaviors among families, communities and even nations. The article promotes healthy patterns concerning living conditions and eating habits paired with outdoor activities and exercise. This article is very well rounded and gives an excellent general overview to the meaning of health and wellness education. It also provides some good examples of public health promotion on a daily basis.
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