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Current Issues in Special Education
Grand Canyon University: UNV 501
May 11, 2014

Current Issues in Special Education
ANASTASIOU, D., & KELLER, C. (2014). Cross-national differences in special education coverage: an empirical analysis. Exceptional Children, 80(3), 353-367. Policies, economics and literacy are three focus areas of discussion for the investigation in the role of factors explaining differences in nation special education coverage (Anastasiou, D., & Keller, C., 2014, 353). The study also included the impact of the quality of the education including the teacher’s adequacy. Anastasiou and Keller state that improvements in country’s literacy level will yield a positive path to an increase of special education (2104). This article is peer reviewed and in a journal where writers support publication in the educational research of children with exceptionalities. The information from this article is considered scholarly because of the peer review process.
Ergul, C., Baydik, B., & Demir, S. (n.d). Opinions of in-service and pre-service special education teachers on the competencies of the undergraduate special education programs. Kuram Ve Uygulamada Egitim Bilimleri, 13(1), 518-522. Inadequacy in teacher training programs, communication skills and collaboration skills are areas of high concern with new and experienced special educators (Ergul, Baydik, & Demir, n.d., 519). The study and research looked at the opinions of special educators regarding the programs that students receive and are currently receiving in their undergraduate programs in the special education field. Ergul, Baydik and Demir state their findings include that current educators and preservice teachers in training required longer practicum experiences, additional training in classroom management and training in how to communicate and collaboration with families of their students. The peer review process concludes this article to be scholarly (n.d.).

Murray, M. M., Handyside, L. M., Straka, L. A., & Arton-Titus, T. V. (2013). Parent empowerment: connecting with preservice