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Annotated Bibliography
Kevin R. Baun
March 28, 2013
Tina Shaw

Annotated Bibliography
Sullivan, C. G. (1996). The partnership for personal responsibility. Public Welfare, 54(3), 26.
Article summarizes the state of Indiana of responsibility to there citizens. The articles emphasizes on welfare reforms to help recipients become employed and self-suffient through there personal responsibility to themselves and their families and to developed partnerships between government and businesses. A couple more topics the article covers econice self-sufficiency, personal responsibility and accountability, child care and transportation and child support.

How you determined the sources to be reliable and relevant, and wether or not there is an author bias:
The source I found was reliable because it describes personal responsibility not only as an individual, but a group or even city. The state of Indiana describe personal responsibility as an individual who was financially responsible to themselves and their families. The article states: “Recipients pledge to accept personal responsibility for themselves and their dependent children, promising to ensure that their children receive immunizations and attend school”. The article was relevant to personal responsibility because it states how the states number were responding every year on the growth of welfare, child care, and economic growth. There was no author bias throughout the article.

How this information might