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1. "Reviews." Welcome to PetsWeekly. N.p., n.d. Web. 03 Dec. 2013
2. "Eureka Breaking News, Sports, Weather, Traffic - Times-Standard Online."
3. "Pets at Home - Where Pets Come First." Pets at Home - Where Pets Come First. N.p., n.d. Web. 03 Dec. 2013.

1) This site reviews pet shops all over the country. The reviews are based off of animal habitats/ living conditions, amount of attention given to each animal, and the overall feel of walking into the store. I believe this is a very useful source. It does a great job of showing what certain pet stores treat their animals like, which can heavily influence a buyer. Compared to the other sources, to me this a a very useful source. The information is reliable because the study was done by an unbiased critic. The goal of the source is to show people who are looking for pets where the best pet shops are, ones that treat their animals right. Something I found interesting was that tons of pet stores will use guilt as a tool for making animal lovers want to buy their pets. One key aspect the author shared with me was that pet shop owners often do not care about how animals are treated, they care about getting you to spend money on their products.

2) This is a news website that deals with cultural news happening all over the world. In this perticular article, the owner of Pets World, a small petshop in a suburb of Philadelphia, was arested on accounts of animal abuse. This wasn’t animal torture, but the owner perposly made animals look desperate for someone to adopt them. This was done by lack of nutrition, small living conditions, and little human interaction. The main idea of this article was to inform people of the wrongdoings of a disgruntled pet shop owner, who was only trying to score a bigger paycheck. Compared to other sources, this ranks near the top in importance, because the article is about the type of injustice that I am writing about. There is no bias in this article, it was simply written by journalist. What I found interesting about the source was that many other pet shop owners