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Strasburger, Victor C., et al. How Does Advertising Impact Teen Behavior?. Farmington Hills: Greenhaven Press, 2012. Print. The book How Does Advertising Impact Teen Behavior? explains how teens and other children are affected by advertising. It goes into more detail by stating which forms of advertising are the most effective, and which products advertising has little to no effect on. Also, it states at what age advertising begins to take hold on children, and that advertising can sometimes be a negative thing. Most of the authors of this source take a neutral, but factual stance on the important aspects of advertising. The authors, of which there are more than ten, all have distinguished backgrounds and are well educated. All information in this source is borrowed from credible websites and articles and is cited. Two chapters in this book are written by organizations instead of individuals, and are described as being “nonpartisan”. This source states how teens are affected by advertising, in its many forms. It shows how advertising companies use a teenager’s desire to fit in with everyone else against them. One author states that often the most influential person in a teenager’s life is another teen; namely, the teen who is perceived as a leader. If companies can convince these leaders to use their products, then the leader will then set an example and win over the teenagers who look up to him/her. Other authors talk about how online advertising is often