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Annotated Bibliography Enciso 1
Sophomore English
Tristan Enciso

Mitchell, Allan. Nazi Revolution. Toronto: Usa, 1973. Print. This resource is helpful to me because it goes into deep deatil on Germany's problems before WWII, during the war, and after the war. The books goes in order of timed events as they happended in hisory. It starts off by stating Germany's economic and social problems. It mentioned how Germany never went through a revolution before. So when Adolf Htler rose to power he promised change and major improvments to Germany after WWI which left the country in pieces. The author wrote the book in the late 70's, but history doesn't change after it has happened, so the currency of the information in the book is still accurate. The book doesn't contain many pictures or a glossary but has sugestions for additional reading on the last couple of pages which has other book titles. The Nazi Revolution gives me a good understanding on what Germny was undergoing during the WWII time period. Its especally helpful that the author goes into so much deatil when talking about Germany before the war. Also the book isn't baised towards Germany or America. It gives straight facts on what happened with little to no opinions involved. From what I've read so far the author seems to have writen his book to people who know about WWII but may not Enciso 2 know exact details on what happened, but want to know more on why it happened and why the war is even important. The book doesn't exatly say what the authors credentals are but it does say it was written by Allan Mitchell University of California, San Diego. So I think he might be a Professor at the University. The only thing the book doesn't go into extrerme detail is how the war was fought, but still is resouceful. Rees, Laurence. Hitler's Charisma: Leading Millions into the Abyss. London: Ebury, 2012. Print. This book is interesting because it explains why Hitler was able to capture peoples attention and gain leaders so quickly. It goes in order of events as they happened in history. Starting off