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Annotated Bibliography Shaunta Holden
ENGL 111 Kevin Kliver July, 17 2015

Whitcomb, Rachael. (2011, 09}. Pot for pain? PG 64 This article it pointing out that a Seattle company is trying to make pot patches for pain control in dogs’ cats and horse’s. It also says the use of medical marijuana has gained in popularity in the last few years. A vegetarian pain management specialist says that transdermal use of marijuana could have a place in veterinarian armamentarium. This article will be a god article because it tells why and what marijuana can do to help for the pain in animals and in people.
Gray, Eliza. (2013, 10). New High: Majority of Americans Now Favor Legalizing Marijuana. P1-1,
The article looks at a poll conducted by the firm Gallup, released in October 2013, that shows that, for the first time, a majority of Americans favor the legalization of marijuana and mentions the legalization of recreational marijuana use in Washington and Colorado in 2012. For the first time, a majority of Americans, 58%, favor legalizing marijuana, according to a Gallup poll released Tuesday. That number was just 12% in 1969, when Gallup first asked the question. 38% of Americans surveyed this year said they had tried marijuana. Young people make up the bulk of support for legalization (67% aged 18 to 29 back it), but the number of people aged 65 or older who support legalization has gone up 14 percentage points since 2011, the Gallup polls show. Independents, at 62%, have shown the biggest growth in support. 65% of Democrats and 35% of Republicans now support legalization. I think that this is a good article to use because it shows the majority of people in Colorado and Washington that think that marijuana should be legalized.

Rollins, Judy A. (2014, Mar/Apr) Pot for Tots: Children and Medical Marijuana, Pediatrics Nursing Vol. 40 issue 2 p59-60 The article discusses the cases of several U.S-based children’s suffering from epilepsy including the case of Colorado-based Zaki Jackson. Topics discussed include use of marijuana across the U.S. for medical purpose, the implications for pediatric nursing, and legalizing the use of medical marijuana for children’s. Today, Zaki is among more than 180 Colorado children currently being treated with a special strain of medical cannabis known as charlotte’s web, “named after 7-yeard old Charlotte Figi, whose successful treatment was featured in a 2012 CNN documentary called, weeds. This would be a good article to use because it show how medical marijuana can help with the pain in sick children. Also should children have access to medical marijuana?
WEISS, SUZANNE. State Legislatures. Feb2013, Legally Green Vol. 39 Issue 2, p14-18. 5p
The article discusses the marijuana reform laws of Washington and Colorado and their implications. Colorado and Washington adopted Amendment 64 and Initiative 502, respectively, legalizing the use of cannabis or marijuana for anyone over age 21 for personal and recreational purposes. This would be a good article because, it analyzes the factors behind the 2 states' success in adopting the marijuana reform laws, Colorado's key role in creating a medical marijuana model and an outlook on pro-marijuana legislation in other states. INSETS: Washington's Initiative 502; Colorado’s Amendment 64; A Growing Tolerance for Pot; The Million-Dollar Revenue Question
America. 6/17/2013, Vol. 208 Issue 20, p5-5. 1p.
The article presents the author's comments on legalizing the use of marijuana for medical purposes in the U.S. The author says that there is little sense in the fact that on one hand marijuana is being legalized in U.S. states while on the other hand more than 750,000 people were arrested nationwide in 2011, for offenses related to marijuana use or distribution. The author refers a study from the Organization of American States which found that the war on drugs has been lost. No one wants to see people, whatever their age,